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Atlantis Perfume Set - 3 pcs

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In the mystical realm of "Atlantis," where legends intertwine with whispers of forgotten civilizations, there exists a trio of perfumes that tell a tale of ancient wisdom and timeless allure.

Together, these perfumes wove a tapestry of wonder and enchantment, inviting all who dared to inhale their essence to embark on a voyage through the ages, where the boundaries between myth and reality blurred, and the magic of Atlantis lived on in every scent.

Set Contains:

1- Atlas Eau de Parfum - 50ml

Once upon a time, in the heart of this lost city, there stood a towering figure known as "Atlas." His shoulders bore the weight of the heavens, yet his spirit remained unwavering. With every step, he exuded the delicate fragrance of lavender and bergamot, a testament to his strength and resilience in the face of cosmic burdens.

  • Family: Floriental, Leathery
  • Top Notes: Lavender, Bergamot, Apple
  • Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Amber, Leather

2- Lost City Eau de Parfum - 50ml

As adventurers ventured deeper into the labyrinthine streets of Atlantis, they stumbled upon the "Lost City" perfume, hidden within the depths of time. Its scent, like an ancient melody, whispered of osmanthus and caramel-infused leather, drawing wanderers into a realm where secrets lay entombed beneath layers of patchouli and vanilla, waiting to be discovered.

  • Family: Woody, Fruity
  • Top Note: Osmanthus, Orris
  • Heart Notes: Leather, Caramel
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Guaiacwood, Vanilla

3- Plato Eau de Parfum - 50ml

Amidst the echoes of forgotten wisdom, there existed a place of contemplation and enlightenment, embodied by the fragrance of "Plato." Inspired by the teachings of the philosopher himself, this perfume was a journey of the mind, where mandarin and cedarwood with the spice of pimento, leading seekers on a quest for truth and understanding. And in the incense-laden halls of musk and vetiver, they found solace, as their souls soared on the wings of introspection. 

  • Family: Ambery, Woody
  • Top Notes: Mandarin, Cedarwood, Pimento
  • Heart Notes: Nutmeg, Iris
  • Base Notes: Incense, Musk, Vetiver
Atlantis Perfume Set - 3 pcs
Atlantis Perfume Set - 3 pcs Sale price$145.00