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Lady Rose

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Just as love glows suddenly, so does my fragrance...

And as music is played on the musical scale

My components were played to the enchanting rhythm of a fragrance

For I am Lady Rose. the daughter of love and music.


inspired from the flame of love and the glow of music. Just as music resonates throughout space, this fragrance spreads in its surroundings. And just as love captivates consciousness, this fragrance seizes attention.

About Lady Rose:

Lady Rose is formed like love, sudden and wild.

In quiet nights, under the moonlight and behind the musky clouds of the night, the orchestra of roses and berries played welcoming the lady of small details. The lavender buds swayed in delight like a musician and rippled like a cool breeze. Meanwhile, cocoa and vetiver stood as secret admirers waiting for a compassionate glance.

Art of applying Lady Rose:

This fragrance loves to accompany enchanting nighttime moments.

It wishes for you to spray twice on your neck, again on your shoulders, and lastly twice on your wrists.

To allow it to play its music for others.

Fragrance Composition:

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Lavender, Black Currant Heart Notes: Rose, Blackberry, Vetiver

Base Notes: Cocoa, Patchouli, Java Wood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Musk.

Usage Time: Daily, Evening Fragrance Gender: For Her Fragrance Size: 100ml

Fragrance Nature: Direct

"The true scent begins to appear immediately from the first spray."

Lady Rose
Lady Rose Sale price$10.00